Diabetes Education & Products

If you or a loved one is living with diabetes our health team has answers. Let our health team help you with the numerous concerns and issues that arise with this complicated health issue.  We can provide advice and guidance on your diabetic glucose meter use or check your blood sugar and blood pressure. Long-term, we are here to supply educated nutrition advice & direction.  Living well with diabetes requires a team – let us be yours!

Diabetes creates health conditions that can require additional products to support healthy and comfortable living. From support socks, to meters and supplies, please browse our site or drop by.


East Main Pharmacy provides personalized services to our patients and clients across Ontario and the neighbouring areas. To ensure that only give premium attention to our clients, we have our trained and pharmacists to assist, guide and ensure that your health and well-being is taken care of properly.

On top of their professional education, our pharmacists undergo training to expand knowledge and improve skills to maintain the East Main service brand. We have regular training and education to keep our pharmacists updated and align their performance with the industry’s best practices.

We instill upon our pharmacists the values of East Main Pharmacy. Our pharmacists and staff practices and lives with our values in everything they do, especially in dealing with their functions and duties.

Our pharmacists are best in what they do. But, they go an additional mile for our patients and clients. East Main have pharmacists make sure that we have multi-skilled that may we be able to give valuable products and services to our clients.

Every day our pharmacists have to work with different people from our suppliers, fellow pharmacists, our staff and our clients. East Main Pharmacy is proud of our pharmacists in handling people, especially with our clients whom they provide consultation and advice-making.

Set your appointment with of professional and friendly pharmacists now! You can call us at 905-735-1500 or visit us at 816 East Main Street in Welland.

Prescription Drugs

Our team
Our experienced pharmacy team works with patients, their healthcare providers and a range of health care professionals to deliver your individual medication management plan.

We provide information and patient education for every new medication prescription.
Our dispensary team has strong working relationships with many health teams, nurses and clinical pharmacists throughout the East Main Welland community and beyond.

We accept a majority of online prescription drug plans and our pharmacy team is experienced with: Ontario Drug Benefits, Trillium, Interim Federal Health.

Understanding prescriptions

Understanding your medications and any potential interactions is critical to your health. We can consult, your East Main pharmacist can assess your medications to ensure that you are taking the right medication, at the right times, in the right dose, and remove the risk for complications.

We are happy to assist to answer any questions you may have about your medications and interactions with non-medical and over-the-counter supplements you might be taking.

Don’t let your medication profile be ignored – it can have significant effects on improving your wellbeing. Make your wellbeing a priority for yourself and book a medication review with us today.

Prescription Refills

Patients can top-up their prescription medications using our new app, [download here] and; automated telephone refill system, phone, fax or email.

We’re about more than filling prescriptions.

At East Main Pharmacy, we’re committed to your health. With a convenient pharmacy location we are your trusted medication experts. Trust your East Main Pharmacy pharmacists for all your medication & wellness needs.

Here are some of the important steps we take while filling your prescription at East Main Pharmacy:

• Creating and managing a private health record
• Resolving issues related to your insurance coverage
• Confirming the drug therapy is safe and appropriate (including the dosage form, directions and length of therapy)
• Reviewing your complete profile to check for interactions and contraindications
• Identifying any drug therapy problems
• Providing education about the drug therapy including expected therapeutic effect, potential side-effects and precautions
• Responding to your questions and concerns
• Providing follow-up when required

Health & Wellness Consultation

As a community-accessible health care provider, East Main Pharmacy takes its role in your health and wellness seriously.  Our pharmacists are committed to your health. As part of our community and individual health role, we offer you and your family a diversity of health and wellness guidance on;

  • Pain management approaches
  • Vaccination consultations
  • Quitting smoking
  • Hormonal health
  • Heart health practices
  • Living well with diabetes
  • Medication issues during pregnancy
  • Nutritional advice
  • Managing medication side effects

We encourage all adults to have their blood pressure checked on a regular basis. Visit East Main Pharmacy for your personal blood pressure reading and monitoring program.

Senior Care

Long Term Care Pharmacy

At East Main Pharmacy, we provide health services and support for residents who choose senior home care, or are residents of long term care, group home, assisted living and retirement communities. Built on a record of decades of service to our seniors, East Main Pharmacy has a strong pharmacy team dedicated to specialty and senior care pharmacy.

Our team of professionals work alongside with physicians, nurses, senior residents and their families, to manage often complex medication plans. With the growing complexity of drug regimes, our pharmacists are crucial players at the heart of exceptional resident-centric care and wellbeing.