East Main Pharmacy

East Main Pharmacy is much more than just a pharmacy dispensing regulated medication.

A pharmacist is a friendly community part of the health and medication system, who works alongside your physician and medical care professionals to keep you healthy. Here at East Main Pharmacy, we go far and wide to ensure that you get the most effective and efficient care tailored to your particular needs.

Who we are

We are a retail pharmacy location servicing Welland and the surrounding area that has been part of the health and wellness landscape of Ontario for decades.

East Main Pharmacy goes beyond dispensing, but as well as builds healthcare relationships with our clients through personalized medical advice and customer service.

We provide support for chronic conditions, as well as supports for home health care; diabetes, senior care and health education.

We’re committed to being a hub for both your day-to-day needs and long-term, as well as being there for the exceptional health needs that make a big difference for our community.


We’re committed to your wellness and supporting individuals and families navigating their health care needs to the best outcomes.

We are proud of our patient-focused strategy in servicing you.

We always innovate and adapt to the changing needs of patients while keeping current with regulations and best practices in the healthcare industry. We always welcome your feedback.

Patients place great trust in their pharmacist, and East Main Pharmacy has kept Welland’s trust over the years by providing top-notch products and services.

Being of Service
As experienced pharmacists and trained staff, we direct our knowledge, skills and resources to provide programs, education and services to make significant differences for people in our community.


Diabetes Education & Products

  • Advice and support for medication
  • Wide array of treatments and supplies
  • Natural medication options

Health & Wellness Consultation

  • Clinics for vaccines, nutritional consulting and health concerns
  • Best practices for health maintenance of chronic conditions

Prescription Drugs

  • Coordinate with a healthcare professionals for refills and prescriptions
  • Track medications, health conditions and medical history
  • Dispensing in convenient forms and packaging
  • Medscheck reviews of complex prescription regimes
  • Medications Return Program for safe disposal
  • Free delivery and pick-up in the Welland area


  • Trained experts
  • Multi-skilled professionals
  • Advice and explanation of medication and interactions

Senior Care

  • Prescription monitoring
  • Medication advice
  • Customized packaging
  • Medicine Cabinet Audits


We are located at 816 East Main Street in Welland, are wheelchair accessible and you are open for you, seven days a week. For any questions or more information, you can call us at 905-735-1500.

Free parking is available.